What make our labels different?

Have you ever asked yourself how long the labels on your equipment last against exterior elements?

Have you noticed that your labels peel off your equipment?

Have you notice that your labels become discolored, even as your equipment continues to operate as impeccably as the first day of use?

Do you know the repercussions of the continuous replacement of your labels by operators – which can include costs, information loss and the ultimate damage of your company’s image?


About Us

Our company was founded at the beginning of the digital printing era in the year 1996.
With the growth of the market, we have begun to specialize in custom labels for the industrial sector.
Our approach: Produce products with the ultimate satisfaction of our customer in mind, 

while providing optimal communications solutions and continual improvement in our systems and quality.

“The union of the best materials and printing techniques make these – the most durable labels available on the market – possible.”