Privacy Policy

Seetik wishes to ensure the confidentiality and security of data provided by users of its online services.

To this end it is recommended that the user read carefully and, if necessary, take the necessary measures in order that their information is not used by unauthorized or unintended purposes.

The following document, which can be replaced or updated, outlines the following aspects.

Personal Information Collected from Interested Parties

Seetik collects and processes personal user data (such as name, title, company name, address, phone number, email address, and other similar information) and services online that requires (type browser you use, files requested, domain and country from which request the information, payment documents, etc.) with the purpose of providing such services in the best conditions, according to their tastes and preferences and to keep you informed about the products Seetik offers.

Personal user data can be obtained at various times and through various forms such as the registration process for access to services, online forms, surveys made or participation in contests, among others. The requested data will be needed to perform the service offered in each case. Your personal data will be collected under the responsibility of Seetik in duly recorded files.

Use of Personal Information Received by Seetik

Seetik uses the data collected from users in order to process purchase orders and for advertising and commercial purposes, sometimes using the collaboration of third parties for data processing. We also inform that Seetik may wish to send commercial and advertising information related to any of its business lines by both electronic and conventional means. If you are not satisfied with the above treatments, please notify us at the address provided above. In case you have not received a reply by the party within thirty days from the date you provide your personal data, we understand that you consent to these described policies.

You may revoke your consent at any time and at no cost. In order to carry this out, it should be addressed to Seetik in writing, enclosing a photocopy of your national identity document, or other similar identification document, to the above address.

Use of Cookies and Other Technologies


Seetik uses cookies while browsing web pages in order to personalize the services offered.

A cookie is a small data file that is installed on your computer, with no other purpose than to remember a previous access and offer to you directly the most current information that will be of interest.

In any case, the cookies used by Seetik allow you to discover their identity or perform other operations other than the mere control the number of hits on our services and content in general, for the development of new services and products that meet the needs of our public.

The user can configure the browser, according to the instructions contained therein and in manual configuration, so that it is alerted of receipt and acceptance of cookies. Keep in mind that sometimes non-acceptance of cookies may mean that not all the available access service or have to register each time you access a service that requires prior registration.

Regarding the services provided by third party providers or persons outside Seetik, please refer to the use of cookies and their respective policies.

Other Technologies

Seetik may collect and use data concerning the type of browser you use, the files you request, and the domain and country from which you request the information, in order to improve our online service and better meet your needs.

Measures Taken to Ensure Security of Data

Seetik guarantees the adoption of appropriate measures in order to prevent your personal data being accessed, altered, modified or treated by unauthorized third technical and organizational measures.

Regarding the sensitive information provided to access services and transfer through credit cards, it must be encrypted and should be provided by the user only when ensured that it is a secure web server.

The user must take into account that the Internet is not a completely safe place, and therefore must take the necessary measures to prevent their information from being known by unauthorized third parties who might make improper use of their personal data.

The user is expected to store any passwords and usernames that allow access to services and content they have subscribed in a safe place.

Protection of Minors

Seetik does not usually collect personal data from minors. However, if personal data of minors is requested at any given time, Seetik will take the necessary measures in order that the child has to ask prior authorization from their parents or guardians, in order to avoid an unwanted action.

It must be remembered that not all services and content available over the Internet have the same measures, and therefore it is necessary that parents and guardians take appropriate measures to prevent minors from accessing services or content that may be age-inappropriate.

Other Considerations

The user must be aware that the use of new technologies, and Internet in particular and services associated with it should not be a detriment to the rights and guarantees they already have.

Seetik reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. Such modifications appear immediately on this website.

If you want more information or have any questions or suggestions regarding this matter, please contact